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A painting speaks a thousand words, listen carefully


One of the reason we, the artist, like art, dance , music or any other form of art is because it help us to speak up, to let our mind out in the open. When you see a painting, you are not just seeing colors or how it is done but that painter’s mind. It is still hard for me to write my artist statement, it is suppose to be short and yet well described.

When I started my art journey I had a vision and goals for myself. Vision, I still hold and I could attend some goals too. I love my life as painter and have been blessed to create so beautiful paintings in past few months.

But few months back I stopped painting. I packed my paints and brushes. This is because I felt confused. Some days I would stare at my paintings wonder myself, is it what I wanted to create? I no longer felt connected to paintings.


One more beauty of art:

If you don’t feel like doing it,

just don’t do it.


Now I am back at work. Taking it slow and staying steady. It is so important to control your own mind and not letting any outsider to spoil it. If you ever feel a need to take break or leave something, do it. Your mind tells you to do something because of situation’s need. It’s good to listen to your mind sometimes.

Change is the only constant.

My favorite quote.