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Don't let your mind control your voice

hemprabha kumar

It is weird how some people have so much to say but says few word and rest goes out in sigh expression. I used to be like that too. Many a times I had so much say and let myself out but somehow I couldn’t. And I have realized it’s not the words that put a problem to me but my own mind. My mind doesn’t allow me too speak as much as I want to.

Struggling to express yourself has nothing to do self-confidence or shyness in my opinion. A person can be shy and can still speak like a crazy dude. What I have found is that the mind that restricts us from saying. And in order to do that our mind plays tricks and say to us things like; why you have to say that, it’s of no use, better say it later or no one cares.

Now I am fighting that voice in my mind. Always say what you feel is good or relevant even if your body, mind stopping. This is the first step. No that express yourself is no wrong and better you may end up helping someone.